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Phonics Activities:

The 25 Concepts

Concept One: CVC Words

Concept Three: Hungry Rule

Concept 4: Final Blends

Concept 4:

Consonant Suffixes

Concept 5: 1-1-1 Rule
(Bully Rule)

Concept 7: Front Blends

Concept 8: vc/cv & vc/v

Concept 8: Extra Practice

Concept 9a:
Open, Closed, Silent e

Concept 9b:
Dropping the Silent e

Concept 9d:
Endings Group 1

Concept 9d: Endings Group 3

Concept 10: Long e

Concept 12: Diphthongs

Concept 13: Walkers

Concept 14: Long Vowel A

Concept 16: Coming Soon

Concept 18: ea, ou, ow, y

Concept 19: Long Vowel I

Concept 20: ei,ey,eigh,eu,ew,ie

Concept 21: Long Vowel U

Concept 23: Silent Letters

Concept 24: Endings

Concept 24: Extra Practice

Concept 25: AIN Words

Concept Two: Consonant Teams

Concept Three: Hungry Rule

Extra Practice

Concept 4: Vowel Suffixes

Concept 4: Suffix Definitions

Concept 6:
Tall, King, Think Words

Concept 7: Coming Soon

Concept 8: Extra Practice

Concept 8: Extra Practice

Concept 9a:
V/CV - Vowel Change

Concept 9d:
Consonant - le Ending

Concept 9d:
Endings Group 2

Concept 9d: Endings Group 4

Concept 11: R Controlled Vowels

Concept 12: Extra Practice

Concept 13: Vowel Teams

Concept 15: Long Vowel O

Concept 17: Six Syllables

Concept 18: igh

Concept 19: Change Y to I

Concept 20: The ei, ie Rule

Concept 22: Coming Soon

Concept 23: Extra Practice

Concept 24: Extra Practice

Concept 25: Scribal O

Concept 25: Extra Practice

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