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Tales of Youth - 5.5x8.5 (4).png

Tales of Youth:


Book One: Ocean Fun

Book Three: Camping

Book Five: Spring

Book Seven: Drive In

Book Nine: Stars

Book Eleven: Joy

Book Thirteen: Flying Saucer

Book Fifteen: Boating

Book Seventeen: Haunted House

Book Nineteen: Hurricane

Book Twenty One:

Lightning Woman

Book Twenty Three: The City

Book Twenty Five: Vacation

Book Two: Sick

Book Four: The Trip

Book Six: Rascal the Pup

Book Eight: Teacher

Book Ten: Moon

Book Twelve: Clouds

Book Fourteen: Rainy Days

Book Sixteen: Gold

Book Eighteen: Tornado

Book Twenty: Bright Light

Book Twenty Two: Music

Book Twenty Four: The Island

Book Twenty Six: The Captain

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