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This series of eleven thrilling phonics books is a little more daring and challenging than Tales of Youth. It features books about sports, cougar attacks, courageous animals and even a mysterious night beast!


Tales of Adventure begins with Long Ball to Left Field written in all one syllable words at a 1.0 reading level. Each subsequent book incorporates new phonics concepts and raises reading difficulty, ultimately progressing to a 6.3 reading level in the last book of the series, Rough Riders. These phonics books include chapters and are written at a smaller font.


Reading Level: 1.0 - 6.3

Genre: Animals/Adventure/Sports

Size: 9 - 51 pages long

Inside: Practice Pages/Text/B&W Illustrations

Binding: Staple Stitch

Phonics Concepts: One Syllable - Multi Syllable, Closed, Open, Consonant Teams (digraphs), Blends, Vowel Tag (vccv, vc/v), Vowel Change (v/cv), Silent E, R Controlled Vowels, Diphthongs, Walkers (vowel teams), Yellows (complex vowel teams), Reds (advanced vowel teams), Final Syllables


*Note: the 'Concepts' bubble will not actually be shown on the front cover of printed books (but on the back cover) so that from the front these books will appear like any other books to your student and not "phonics books"

Tales of Adventure - Phonics Books

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