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**This series is only available digitally and is coming soon!**


This series of eleven imaginative phonics books is a good alternative to Tales of Adventure. While just as challenging, the stories are more whimsical featuring tales of brave princesses, swashbuckling pirates and even a professional tiger fighter!


Tales of Fantasy begins with Pep & His Pals written in all one syllable words at a 1.0 reading level. Each subsequent book incorporates new phonics concepts and raises reading difficulty, ultimately progressing to a 6.0 reading level in the final book, Dark Night SkierThis series is unique in that it has a book dedicated to each of the long vowels and all of their possible spellings.


Reading Level: 1.0 - 6.0

Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

Size: 15 - 30 pages long

Inside: Practice Pages/Text

Binding: Digital Only

Phonics Concepts: One Syllable - Multi Syllable, Closed, Open, Consonant Teams (Digraphs), Blends, Vowel Tag (vc/cv, vc/v), Vowel Change (v/cv), Silent E, R Controlled Vowels, Diphthongs, Walkers (vowel teams), Long E, Long A, Long O, Long I, Long U, Final Syllables

Tales of Fantasy - Phonics Books - Digital Only

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