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The Nazarene Series is a series of nine historical fiction phonics books that traces the life of Jesus from a young child to his death. The series includes a techniques for criticizing the books using critical thinking and gathering biblical evidence.


These inspiring phonics books begin with Son Rise written at a 2.7 reading level and mostly one syllable words. Each subsequent book incorporates additional phonics concepts and raises reading difficulty ultimately progressing to as high as a 9.0 reading level in Gabriel's Messengers.


Reading Level: 2.7 - 9.0

Genre: Religious / Historical Fiction

Inside: Practice Pages/Text/B&W Illustrations

Size: 6 - 125 pages long

Binding: Staple Stitch Soft Cover and Digital Version Available

Phonics Concepts: One Syllable - Multi Syllable, Closed, Open, Consonant Teams (Digraphs), Blends, Vowel Tag (vc/cv, vc/v), Vowel Change (v/cv), Silent E, R Controlled Vowels, Diphthongs, Walkers (vowel teams), Yellows (complex vowel teams), Reds (advanced vowel teams), Final Syllables

The Nazarene Series - Phonics Books

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