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Making Music - Phonics Book - Novel



This novel raises grade level with every chapter. It details the struggles and successes of a young boy with Dyslexia who discovers a passion for guitar.

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Tom is a smart kid but there’s one thing he can’t figure out. Tom can’t read. And boy, is that proving to be a problem in school. Extremely frustrated, Tom almost gives up on school altogether. Fortunately, a family friend introduces him to guitar and Tom sees a new path for himself in life.


A series of phonics books condensed into a novel, Making Music is the story of Tom's trials and triumphs with Dyslexia. Making Music begins with its first chapter written at a 1.3 reading level and 95% one syllable words. Each subsequent chapter incorporates additional phonics concepts and raises reading difficulty, ultimately progressing to a 7.9 reading level.


Reading Level: 1.0 - 8.0

Genre: Young Adult / Music / Education

Inside: Practice Pages/Text/Chapter Exercises/10 Comprehension Questions/Color Digital Art

Size: 107 pages long

Binding: Staple Stitch Soft Cover and Digital Version Available

Phonics Concepts: One Syllable - Multi Syllable, Closed, Open, Consonant Teams (Digraphs), Blends, Vowel Tag (vc/cv, vc/v), Vowel Change (v/cv), Silent E, R Controlled Vowels, Diphthongs, Walkers (vowel teams), Yellows (complex vowel teams), Reds (advanced vowel teams), Final Syllables

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