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Tales of Mystery-Phonics Books-Digital



Our most challenging elementary school series, these books contain high level vocabulary. This series details the adventures of a group of children who travel to a cloud world ran by animals.

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**Note: This is the digital version of Tales of Mystery. For the softcover print version, please click here.

Tales of Mystery is a series of eight phonics books influenced by the Chronicles of Narnia. Children are transported by a twister to another world in the clouds ruled by animals. This series is our toughest elementary school interest series containing the most sophisticated vocabulary of the five. It can be utilized any where from second grade and above.


This delightfully imaginative series begins with Enchanted Rock written at a 1.0 reading level and all one syllable words. Each subsequent book incorporates additional phonics concepts and raises reading difficulty, ultimately progressing to a 5.6 reading level toward the end of the series.


Reading Level: 1.0 - 5.6

Genre: Fantasy/Mystery

Inside: Practice Pages/Text/B&W Illustrations

Size: 33 - 46 pages long

Binding: Staple Stitch Soft Cover and Digital Version Available

Phonics Concepts: One Syllable - Multi Syllable, Closed, Open, Consonant Teams (digraphs), Blends, Vowel Tag (vc/cv, vc/v), Vowel Change (v/cv), Silent E, R Controlled Vowels, Diphthongs, Walkers (vowel teams), Yellows (complex vowel teams), Reds (advanced vowel teams), Final Syllables

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Start your first adventure! Read The Fog, book one of Moonlight Tales. 

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